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Financial Trading Secrets 101 – Getting the Right Software to Pick the Best Penny Stocks for You

As stock markets continue to operate under volatile conditions while the fate of financial recovery remains shrouded in a fog of uncertainty, it is too much of a gamble for anyone to trust which hot penny stocks are worth your dime and which ones are trash.

However, you may be wondering why the professional stock trader who lives down your lane still comes back from work with a nonchalant smile of satisfaction on his face every day? What magical luck potion does he drink to still get good returns on nearly all his investments? Is he in cahoots with some insider trading cult? You may be surprised to know that the success behind his acquaintance with all key penny stocks to buy in the market lies in just a little simple statistical analysis and research.

So brace yourself for the answer. The much anticipated secret weapon that is a part of millions of successful traders worldwide is the application of High Probability Trading Strategies. You no longer have to be part of a large institution to access the high-end and closely guarded trading software programs to make big money anymore. Over the past few years, individual traders have also started tapping into ultra-efficient trading software to give them the ability to discern what penny stocks to buy to make your financial portfolio shine.

The Origin of Game-Changing Financial Trading Software

In 1984, a man named Richard Dennis became a Wall Street trading wizard in the eyes of everyone when he revealed how he was able to recognize several market patterns correctly through an indicator named Donchian Channel. What’s truly amazing is that he built a fortune of $200 million from a meager $1600 using only this statistical tool. It was only then that financial institutions begun heavily investing in research and development of a variety of algorithmic trading software that would help you target all the hot penny stocks with brilliant accuracy.

Today, the financial market is essentially driven by different prototypes of those high probability trading programs that became game-changers in the 1980s. What’s the point in letting financial institutions throw jargon around to conveniently confuse you and claim superiority over your trading techniques?

You can now empower yourself with the same elite quality trading software that they use and reap higher returns for yourself than being a part of financial institutions who take more credit for your efforts than they deserve. The playing field has officially been leveled by these high probability trading software programs that will let average investors use the same technical indicators and stock metrics to select the perfect penny stocks to buy.

So What Really Gives This Software A Competitive Edge?

If you’re still skeptical about the efficacy of these technical indicators and pattern analyzers in raising your fortunes to new highs, then we’re happy to see your critical state of mind. A common personality trait shared by all successful traders in the market is their ability to not give into impulsive buying and selling decisions based on pure speculation alone. So let us help you familiarize yourself with some of the brilliantly designed and easy-to-use financial tools that can successfully determine the key penny stocks to watch and when to make the right call.

The collective strength in prediction of the movement of hot penny stocks is so high that almost 96% of the ones your software selects move in an upward trend within 10 days. Yes, 10 days indeed! It’s something straight out of a financial trader’s fantasy and will help make him fantastic short-term profits on all the penny stocks he had purchased using this software.

The financial market is flooded with thousands of indicators and signals; however, the majority of them prove to be redundant to improving your trading decisions. This is why high probability trading software programs filter out the noise and keeps you in touch with only the essential indicators that truly affect the movement of your hot penny stocks.

Here are some of the quintessential stock metrics and signal metrics utilized by these trading software programs to help you pick the hottest penny stocks:

Stock Metrics

Stock Price - The price range at which the stock you have selected must be trading at.

ADV - The average daily trading volume indicates the average amount of individual securities traded daily in the market.

Signal Metrics

MACD - The Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator is used to detect shifts in the strength and momentum of a stock over a particular time period. In order for you to know which stock to buy, you must confirm that the MACD value is between 4-8% above the zero line since it represents that a strong upward trend is to follow soon for that particular stock.

Slow Stochastics - Slow Stochastics is one of the most stable and reliable indicators used by stock traders that compare the closing price for a stock to its price range over a specific time period. It helps you identify the market sentiment around that stock and make a call to buy or sell at the right time on the basis of those patterns.

RSI - The Relative Strength Index indicator computes the rate of rise or fall in stock price as the ratio of higher closes to lower closes. An RSI Score of 80 and above indicates a strong momentum in a stock and is more likely to continue an upward trend.

Bollinger Bands - Bollinger Bands are indicators used to measure the highness or lowness of a stock price relative to prior trades in the market. Ideally, the stock price should fall within 50% to 90% range of the 2 Bollinger Bands.

If you want to know the next time when a stock has over 90% probability, download this free software now.


I Find It Very Informative. It is a great tool

I recently suscribed to your precision stock. I find it very informative. It is a great tool. Now I have also dabbled into penny stocks which I have always told others stay away from. I have a great respect for the accomplishments you have done and look forward to a very rewarding future using your software platforms. Best wishes

David Ahamnos


This Tool Is Absolutely Fantastic

Hi! First of all, this tool is absolutely fantastic! Great work!



Great Software

Great software very useful thanks



Thanks For Giving Me My Spare Time Back

Thanks so much for this most useful software. I've busted my hump the last 2 years doing exactly what this software does for me automatically. You've saved me a whole bunch of work. Thanks for giving me my spare time back. A very appreciative fan

Scott Muther


Extremely Useful

Hello, Running the latest version, love it! Extremely useful.



You're The Best

Love your program beyond belief. You're the best.

Sterling Wolfe


Wish I Had Found It A Long Time Ago

Hey thanks so much for the download you dont know what it means to me it was just luck i found it no more front loaded picks for this ole boy wish i had found it along time ago agian thanks so much,



Thanks for Putting This All Together

I love this program. Thank you for all the information. I am just starting investing and my interests are in Options and Penny Stocks because, as you can imagine, I do not have vast sums of money to start with. My desire is to grow into the bigger trades. I am learning everything I can about technical analysis hoping that will help me find good direction. Thanks for putting this all together.

Linda Stephens


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